Reverse Cycle Ducted Air Conditioning

Reverse Cycle Ducted Air Conditioning systems are very popular given they discreetly deliver powerful home heating and cooling, keeping you comfortable all year round. All reverse cycle ducted installations consist of an efficient and quiet indoor fan motor within the indoor unit which is in the roof space.

Every room within your property is accessible can be conditioned with ceiling outlets or grilles installed as needed.

Similar to a split system, an outdoor unit Condenser is situated on an external wall.

Enjoy the exceptional benefits of a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner without the hassle of installing and the sight of multiple indoor units. Within the home you are able to choose zoning to suit individual areas which help with energy efficiency and overall comfort.

24v zoning systems are generally installed on every residential reverse cycle ducted system with the advancement of Wi-Fi compatibility making it easy for you to control your system anywhere in the world at the touch of your mobile phone or iPad.


Some benefits of reverse cycle ducted installation


If you’re after a consistent climate across multiple living areas in your house, a ducted AC can easily do this for you. Unlike a split system whereby you can cool or heat just one room at a time, a ducted system ensures the perfect amount of airflow to each room in your home for year-round comfort.


The last thing that you want after a busy day is to deal with a super noisy AC unit, which is one less of a problem when you opt for a quality ducted system. The improved technology makes them nearly silent. For example, 7.1kW unit from our FDUA series of ducted systems has a noise level as low as 25dB on a low fan speed. Think of those quiet and peaceful nights in rural areas – that’s about how much noise 25dB is!


Thanks to advanced inverter technology, our ducted systems can now reach your desired temperature quicker than ever before. Plus, we make sure that all our preferred systems not only meet but well exceed the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS)*, which means less energy is consumed by these units and smaller energy bills for you.


Don’t want to heat or cool the whole house? It makes perfect sense if, for example, during the day you find yourself spending most of your time, say, in the living room and at night you’re in your bedroom and not using the rest of the house. Well, that’s not a problem for a ducted system as many come with an integrated zoning solution these days.


Beyond enjoying a perfectly air-conditioned home, a ducted AC system is a desirable selling point and this premium fixture is often viewed as highly valuable by real estate agents and buyers alike. This investment will not go unnoticed when you decide to sell your home in future!


Reverse cycle air conditioning FAQS

Where is the best location for the outdoor system?

To maximise efficiency of the system the outdoor unit needs to be located in a well-ventilated area without any obvious obstruction. If possible, the outdoor system should be located in a shady area of the outdoor area.

What is an inverter?

An inverter in relation to air conditioning terms is a type of air conditioning system that incorporates a power conversion circuit which provides optimum power control and extremely efficient operation by changing the frequency of the power supply to the compressor which varies the cooling heating capacity, so even though you get accurate, smooth and flexible operation, you use less electricity than conventional units.

Please note that energy savings are only realized when the system is correctly sized. Undersized inverter systems will cost more to run than a correctly sized system. Inverter systems run much more efficiently at 30 to 70% of their full capacity.

What temperature should I run my system on when installed?

As a guide, somewhere between 22 and 24 degrees Celsius. Try to avoid setting your system on the coldest or warmest temperature, this will increase your electricity bill tenfold and your system will be working round the clock to try and reach the set temperature.

Why is my aircon leaking water externally?

This is a common worry among clients, generally in the winter. When your reverse cycle system is running on cooling the outdoor unit will generally drip from the bottom drain exit on the system, this is a normal condensation process as the outdoor coil is cold when running on heating. This is the opposite when running on cooling, the indoor system will be the unit with excess condensation of water, however this will still be drained externally due to the connection of a length of drain.

It is very important that when servicing your split system annually the refrigeration mechanic cleans the drain line and checks for blockages.

The indoor fan keeps cutting in and out is there a problem?

When the indoor fan is set to auto function and when the air conditioner is set to heating mode or cooling mode the indoor fan can turn on and off automatically once it reaches temperature to provide the temperature conditions set by the user. This is another energy saving benefit on the systems. If a constant fan is required, then you must ensure the fan speed is set to a specific speed.

We can also offer individual room temp sensors in order to provide a more balanced temperature.

How they Look?


Reverse Cycle Brands We Work With

Reverse Cycle System


Older American brand still seen around Perth, although are a phased-out refrigerant.
Reverse Cycle System

Actron Air

Australian brand with a range of reverse cycle systems for residential and commercial settings.
Reverse Cycle System


European brand, with the majority installed in Perth very old system on phased out refrigerant.
Reverse Cycle System


European brand, with the majority installed in Perth. A very old system on phased out refrigerant
Evaporative SystemGas HeatingReverse Cycle System


Use our identification help guide to see what Braemar system is installed. In most cases in Perth, if there is…
Reverse Cycle System


An older, Chinese brand still seen around Perth although are a phased-out refrigerant.
Reverse Cycle System


An Australian brand with a range of reverse cycle systems for residential and commercial settings.
Reverse Cycle System


A European brand, with the majority installed in Perth very old system on phased out refrigerant.
Reverse Cycle System

Email Air

A European brand, with the majority installed in Perth very old system on phased out refrigerant. Sister company with Airwell.
Reverse Cycle System


A Japanese brand with all types of residential and commercial reverse cycle systems.