Evaporative Ducted System Service & Check Over

We offer two exceptional service options, the Gold Service and the Platinum Service, designed to meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations.

Gold Option: Our Gold service is a comprehensive package that covers all the essentials for maintaining your system:

  • Full system assessment and checkover: We thoroughly inspect every aspect of your system to ensure its integrity.
  • Pads removed and cleaned: We remove and clean the pads to optimize cooling efficiency.
  • Water basin cleaning: We clear the water basin of debris to maintain efficient water distribution.
  • Dropper and ducting inspection: We check for air leakage and water ingress to ensure your system’s performance.
  • Fan motor assessment: We measure the current draw to ensure the fan operates at its best.
  • Comprehensive asset list with condition report: We keep you informed about your system’s condition with detailed photos.
  • Basic education and tech tips: We provide insights to help you maximize your system’s efficiency.


Platinum Option: Our Platinum service takes our commitment to your comfort and system longevity to the next level:

We carry out all the gold benefits plus;

  • Chlorine capsules installation: These capsules effectively remove calcium buildup within your system, ensuring peak performance and less chance of component failure
  • SanAir Purifier Gel: Kills 99% of airborne bacteria, mold, fungus, and spores, creating a healthier indoor environment with this 100% Aussie natural essential oil product.
  • Ceiling outlet cleaning: We remove debris and dust from all ceiling outlets, maintaining air quality and efficiency.


Conclusion:  Our Platinum Service is the ultimate solution for a clean and healthy indoor environment. With a focus on calcium buildup prevention and air quality improvement, you’ll experience the highest level of comfort and well-being.